Why did I start Freelancing Hero Program?
Written by Peter Wang on July. 17th 2020
"Freelancing was never Invented for us to make money, but for employers to take advantage of the low cost."
I've live and breath freelance for the past 5+ years, trust me when I said I've seen all kinds of crazy, hilarious, tearing, scammy, unethical things people are willing to do to be successful in this field. 

Never been a good writer myself, on top of that I graduated MSU with a stunning 2.3 GPA so just appreciate it took me 3 hours to write this instead of shaming my grammar. 

Why don't we start with a very interesting article on Medium about freelance called "Why I’ll Never F****** Freelance Ever Again ". 

If you are freelancer already, read it. (but carry some tissue with you)  

If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, oh boy you HAVE TO READ IT. 

Seriously I bet every freelancer would agree with what Tom Kuegler wrote, honestly he just painted the bloody truth about SOME struggles that freelancers face nowadays. 

Tons of nights that I slept on my laptop.. frustrated that client yelled at me for not being knowledgeable enough.. spent 38 hours on a project ended up only getting paid 50%..

The list goes on and on. 

Why is it so hard? Because you are literally trying to master too many things at the same time - your domain expertise, sales, marketing, customer support, branding, time management. 

Freelancing was never invented for us to make money, but for employers to take advantage of the low cost. 

I would know because now I'm higher up on the food chain with 20+ freelancers working for me now, love it when I'm on the other side. 

"If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough." Elon Musk

When Elon speak, I listen. 

So I literally tried every possible way I can think of to make freelancing business work for me when I started. 

Then.. I made $32,000+ USD the first month.

5 years later, I own a web development company that generated $2.5M in 2019. 

I couldn't have done this without YOUR HELP, my dear fellow freelancers. That's why I want to give back to the community with what I've learned in the past 5+ years.. 

- I've read more than 20 books about sales, marketing, branding and 10 books about time management.
- I've worked 10000+ hours
- I've hired people, managed them, trained them, promoted them, and fired some
- I've learned new skills that I never imagined
- I've cried, frustrated and kept going about 3 times
- I've went in to the hospital because I overworked my body

You will have access to EVERY knowledge, strategy and tactics that I use to grow my business. But this won't be easy, won't be for everyone. 

I hope to see you soon. 

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